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Things You Want

We put in regular orders for electronic components and keep a large stock in the space, if you wish to use components from the space or want to add something to the next order, read the components page.

If you want the space to buy equipment, books or anything else, add it to the Wishlist.

Things We Have

This is nowhere near anything like a comprehensive list, just some of the highlights. It's also generally out of date.

The transparent plastic boxes with people's names on are OFF LIMITS, this is peoples personal gear.


  • Fluke/Philips PM 3365A 100MHz digital oscilloscope, with two probes
  • HP 1650A Logic analyzer (32-channel)
  • 2x 0-20V 0-5A bench power supplies
  • Adjustable flourescent work lamps/magnifiers
  • Multimeter
  • Soldering irons
  • SMD hot air rework station
  • 2x Bus Pirates


  • UV Exposure Box

Computer bits

  • Fonera 2.0n (router and ChaosVPN connection)
  • PC (spec still uncertain, awaiting PSU)
  • Nice Apple monitor (24"?)
  • An IP Secure300r webcam

Stuff to Make Things With

  • Makerbot Cupcake CNC rapid prototyping machine
  • 2 Dremels and associated bits
  • Dremel pillar drill (Ideal for drilling PCB's)
  • Many many assorted tools
  • selection of M2/2.5/3/4 nuts and bolts

Dead Trees / Library


  • .flv Phishing JR. Hackley


  • Issues X,Y & Z of Maker Magazine.