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Battery Welder
Model eBay
Sub-category Electronics
Status Good working order
Consumables Nickel Strips
Accessories None
Training requirement No
ACnode No
Owner LHS
Origin eBay
Location Ground floor, on the electronics bench
Maintainers JonRussell


This is new and in good working order.


  • Power Supply : AC 220 V
  • Max. Output Power : 3 KW
  • Welding Current : 0 - 30 A
  • Dimensions : 250 L x 180 W x 200 H (mm)
  • Welding Thickness : Applicable to various types of 0.08mm - 0.13mm Nickel plated strips. Not applicable for pure nickel strips



0.08mm - 0.13mm Nickel strips

Log book

12th April 2017 - Jon Russell

  • Tested and delivered to the Hackspace.