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CNC Mill
190VMC CNC mill.jpg
Model Boxford 190VMC
Sub-category CNC
Status Good working order
Last updated 21 January 2019 11:52:40
Training requirement yes
ACnode Yes
Owner DeanForbes, tgreer
Origin Donation
Location Basement, Robotics/CNC area
Maintainers =CNC Team, Robotics, Metalbashers


  • 8 spindle speeds 350 to 3500 rpm
  • Rapid traverse rate at 100% 2000mm/min (78"/min)
  • Axis travel
    • X(longitudinal) 225mm (8.9")
    • Y(cross) 150mm (5.9")
    • Z(vertical) 140mm(5.5")
  • System resolution 0.005mm
  • Table dimensions 410 x 130mm(16.1" x 5.1")
  • Spindle to table 202mm (7.9")
  • Centre line of spindle to column 130mm (5.1")
  • Table to column 5 to 130mm (0.2" x 5.1")
  • Tee slots 2 x 10mm


  • 13-Oct-2015 : System is now up and running using BCNC on Ubuntu
  • 15-May-2015 : Dean, Phil et all doing conversion to Mach3 capable machine which will involve minimal retrofiting of mill and use of a PC
  • 24-SEP-2014 : Mill works with V5 of the boxford software, need to enter administration mode in the graphical screen by pressing F10
  • 12-JUL-2014 : Connector is DB25 and almost certainly serial. It appears there is an internal g-code interpreter.
  • 10-JUL-2014 : Mill arrived, mechanics and electrics work, has a 25W serial port out the back, need to research how to interface.


  • Chip removal / coolant (compressed air or liquid pump)
  • Finalise training

More info

Boxford are said to be unhelpful regarding support and will only talk to educational users. However, they do publish spares lists and software updates.


  • Coolant / chip removal system - those chips build up fast! Either a suds pump or (quiet?) compressor/non fogging mist will be needed as the interlock prevents manual removal of chips during a program.
  • ER type collect can be had from Gloster Tooling a price has not been obtained yet the, model is EC EM16 035 on page 8 @

Not needed

  • People who take it apart and leave it in pieces
  • Experimenting carelessly. Consider it in the same light as the laser cutter, the robot arm etc. : if you want to work on it, join the official maintainers group and cooperate.


  • The cutter appears to spin off-centre
    • When slotting in the collet make sure to put it the right way in as it's got a notch which will only go in fully when aligned


The system is currently in an "beta" state. If you would like to get trained to do a specific job you have in mind, on the understanding that you may find issues along the way (which helps us too!) you can email the Robotics mailing list to arrange a time for training. You will find this easiest if you take a look at one of the recommended packages above (or your own choice of package, we will try to accomodate).