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Cactus Farm
Model N/A
Sub-category Networking
Status Good working order
Last updated 24 May 2021 21:51:46
Consumables N/A
Accessories N/A
Training requirement No
ACnode No
Owner JasperW
Origin JasperW
Location Hub in the quiet room
Maintainers JasperW


CactusFarm is our low bandwidth sensor network based on the jeelab RF12 modules. Runs on 868Mhz and allows pumping of data into cacti graphs.


RMF12pi "hub" is an RF module with python daemon that converts the serial data from a RMF12pi to a webserver in a format suitable for grabbing with cacti. Information can be found on the github readme.

<graphviz border='frame' format='png' >

digraph rfboard{
  hub [label="RMF12pi hub",shape=box];
  cacti [label="graphs",shape=box];
  node1 [label="node 1",shape=box];
  node2 [label="node 2",shape=box];
  node3 [label="node 3",shape=box];
  node1 -> hub;
  node2 -> hub;
  node3 -> hub;
  hub -> node1;
  hub -> node2;
  hub -> node3;
  hub -> cacti;

} </graphviz>