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Ceiling-mount projector screen
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What it is

This is the large white box currently on the workshop floor. It's a ceiling-mounted projector screen and should be mounted in the quiet roo but requires heavy duty fixings in the ceiling.


The fixings have now been attached. They consist of 4 10mm bolts (14mm sleeve anchors) close to the window.


Adapter plates are required to link the ceiling bolts to the screen. These should be two heavy sections of timber (hardwood or ply - there's a chunk of ply about 30mm thick which should do well. They need to be drilled 4 x 10mm : inner holes to suit the screen spacing, outer holes to suit the sleeve anchors. The anchors are not perfectly aligned and the plate can be used to compensate for this.

We need 4 10 x 50mm coach bolts, fitted to the plates (2 each) with the threads protruding at the bottom, matched to the holes in the screen. Drill on the drill press.

The necessary positions for the ceiling fixings need to be drilled, and counterbored on the top side to clear the nuts already in the ceiling. DO NOT remove the nuts from the ceiling to fit the plates : bolt the plates over the existing nuts and add large washers and 10mm nuts to fix. The sleeve anchors should not be repeatedly loosened to fit the plates, and using this method the holes can be drilled oversize and the plates positioned accurately to suit the screen.

The ceiling tile matrix needs to be shortened and some support provided for the end row so that the screen can hang through the last row.

Once the adapter plates are fitted and positioned correctly,the screen can be bolted onto the protruding coach bolts. This will need 4 gorillas to hold up the screen and a monkey to run around and do up the nuts.


A piece of 12mm studding was bought to use with chemical anchors, but the difficulty of using chemical anchors in holes drilled over my head, along with the fact Leyland don't sell them, put me off. The 12mm studding is up for grabs and is in the metalwork box.