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Our new shiny router, named after Alonzo Church.

It's an Alix 2D3 low-power computer, with a 4GB Compact Flash card, running stock Debian Squeeze.



Set up very simply to iptables-restore /etc/firewall.conf on networking start. To add a new rule, change /etc/firewall.conf and:

iptables-restore < /etc/firewall.conf

Traffic Shaping

We're using a relatively simple traffic-shaping scheme to manage upload bandwidth. Traffic is tagged using fwmark into one of six priority classes in the "shaper" chain in /etc/firewall.conf.

/etc/network/if-up.d/traffic-shaping then configures the traffic shaping (you shouldn't need to touch this and you should tell Russ if you do).


We like stable internet, so we're not going to hand out accounts willy-nilly. If you need a port mapped, ask one of these people:

If you want to do something more fancy, we'll probably give you access as long as you let us know first :).