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Model Dell Optiplex 780 SFF 4GB Mem / 320GB SATA HD
Sub-category Systems
Status Good working order
Last updated 8 December 2019 18:20:33
Training requirement yes
Training link Unknown
ACnode no
Owner LHS
Origin Donation
Location Near Back Door
Maintainers Sysadmin team

Denning is is named after Peter J Denning, best known for pioneering work in virtual memory, especially for inventing the working-set model for program behaviour, which addressed disk thrashing and became the reference standard for all memory management policies.

Same basic Dell Optiplex 780 Quad-Core hardware as Bell (more detailed hardware configuration there) and now has a nice SSD to use.

Denning provides the following services:

Look at that beautiful Beast with a Denning Inside
Beast Fun is possible using Denning