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Dewalt Table Saw
DW745 10 500X500.jpg
Model DW745
Sub-category Woodworking
Status Good working order
Last updated 10 August 2021 19:26:48
Accessories Guard, push-stick, gantry
Training requirement yes
Owner Hackpace
Origin Donation from Elliot Kajdan
Location Basement, Dusty Wood Shop
Maintainers Phil (cepmender)

New blade added March 2014.

Do not use this without training.

Mailing list conversations on it: [1] [2] [3] [4] Donated to hackspace.

Maintainer wanted.

How a misplaced washer increases the risk of somebody cutting their fingers off (or worse!)

I noticed the miter gauge is not moving smoothly across the top surface at all. This forces the user to use excessive force when pushing a piece of wood at an angle towards the blade. This can be very dangerous and increases the risk of somebody accidentally getting his hand hit the blade. I definitely would not want to be using this machine like that! It also prevents you from making a clean, smooth cut through the wood. So, after trying to figure out why the miter gauge gets stuck halfway the table top when sliding it I came to the conclusion that the little plastic washer underneath the tightener knob doesn't belong there. I've moved it from underneath the knob to underneath the gauge (please see pictures). That seems to have solved the problem. Miter gauge now running smoothly across the full length of the guide rail. I suggest we keep the washer where it is now. Maybe it saved somebody's hand or fingers already, who knows.

Thanks to this table saw guide to help me pinpoint the problem.

Washer.jpg Washer wrong.jpg Washer right.jpg

Manual available at

Parts Diagrams