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Drill press


We now have a drill press. The keyless chuck only goes down to 2.7 mm, so we need to get a "pin chuck".

Or use the Dremel and mini-mill for high speed / light duty / precision stuff, this one for everything else.

Ideal jobs :


  • High speed, tiny bits e.g. PCB drilling


  • Milling plastic, small aluminium etc.
  • Drilling jobs requiring accurate positioning - use the table positioning

Drill Press

  • Most general purpose drilling jobs



<lovelace_> The chuck for the new stand drill falls out easily <lovelace_> I can't see how it tightens up <artag> it should be a taper. Assuming it's clean (not got anticorrosion varnish on it) then it should want a good fast whack up into the quill. Not with a hammer - just push it fast, by hand. Use the momentmum of the chuck to get it in hard. <artag> if there's a screw thread in the end of the taper thrn it can use a drawbar like the 3-in-1 but that's fairly unlikely <creature> Your mum enjoys a good fast whack up into the quill. <lovelace_> K, seems firmly in now <Randomskk> that's what she said