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|image=Hackspace_Unknown.png <!-- Image of the item. Leave with placeholder image if none exists. -->
|model=Raspberry PI <!-- Model -->
|category=Equipment <!-- Main category. Please leave alone to keep item in this category -->
|subcat=Systems <!-- Sub-category if one exists. Please check main listing to see other categories contained within the main one -->
|status=Good working order <!-- Set to one of; Good working order, Faulty, Out of order, Under construction, Out of consumables, Scrapped, or Unknown -->
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|accessories=<!-- Any items associated with the equipment but not consumable, such as; drill bits, safety gloves, goggles, etc.. -->
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|owner=Jasper <!-- Provide a link to owners members page if other than LHS -->
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|location=On the window ledge above tesla <!-- Floor, room/zone and location within that area -->
|maintainers=Sysadmin team <!-- If someone is nominated as managing the upkeep of this item, please list them here. No links please; it currently breaks the template. -->
|template_ver=1.1 <!-- Please do not change. Used for tracking out-of-date templates -->
A raspberry Pi. Has an [http://airpi.es/ AirPi] 1.4 add on board (bought via [https://www.tindie.com/products/tmhrtly/airpi-kit/ Tindie]) that records:
* Temperature (from 2 sensors)
* Relative humidity
* Atmospheric pressure
* Carbon monoxide (sort of)
* <s>NO2 (sort of)</s> not working
* Volume/Noise
* Light level

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