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HP1661C Logic Analyser
Hp 1661c.jpg
Model HP1661C
Sub-category Test equipment
Consumables Unknown
Accessories Unknown
Training link Unknown
ACnode no
Owner Unknown
Origin Unknown
Location Ground floor, general circulation area, on the shelves next to the electronics bench

HP1661C Logic Analyser

The logic analyser on its shelf.

Currently on the metal shelves next to the electronics area.

A newer nicer unit than the older logic analyser, and more complete (it has more probes). Currently untested - anyone got something digital they want reverse engineered?

It has 102 state and timing channels, has PS2 ports for a standard PC mouse and keyboard and has a internal hard disk. It has a sticker indicating it was last calibrated in 2002.

This unit is fitted with the Ethernet option (Option 15) which allows FTP access and remote control via an X11 front-end using an Xserver.

There is an extensive User Guide for it here

Some pictures here: