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The state of the Laz0r

This page is keep some sort of tab on what is going on with the software on Laz0r the machine that controls the laser. So that purpose and reasons behind the shifting of the bits and bytes that make up that which we think of as the laz0r, are recorded in some more permanent fashion to transient conversations and fleeting IRC chats.



To automate the Laser Cutter software for great time saving justice. Now with extra "checking that the laser software is active" goodness.


Current bindings

CTRL-ALT-Z: Sets the zero. This has some odd issues bringing up the system monitor. Better key combos need to be found.

Proposed bindings

CTRL-ALT-R: Re-downloads the current file into the laser cutter

Backup of the laser software

Stored in something like C:/ - I'll check next I am on it.

To Do

  • Reinstall autohotkey
  • Check the code for downloading/deleting the information from the laser cutter.
  • Write code to auto-generate a bunch of .mol files from a folder of .ecp files for the reverse engineering project.
  • Version control on the laser cutter software? As it keeps getting itself corrupted.