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Hackspace Unknown.png
Sub-category Systems
Status Good working order
Last updated 21 October 2021 19:53:19
Consumables Unknown
Accessories Unknown
Training requirement Unknown
Training link Unknown
ACnode No
Owner LHS
Origin Aden
Location Above the front-door 'space'

Hamming is an x86-processor based VIA EPIA based system donated by User:Aden. It is old and was once doorbot. It ideally could be replaced with a modern Raspberry Pi 2 or Beaglebone Black.

It is running the daemons for the notification board , Orange_led_strips and National Rail clock - these are all connected to a powered USB hub.

It's also connected to some speakers so it can do the doorbot-sounds (historically GLaDOS voices) as well but this has been broken and out of use for a long time.

Hamming has 2 x hard drives in RAID1 - it has had the 'ticking drive sound of death' so this is likely a very good thing.

Useful note for crashes / restarts etc - run

 export AUDIODEV=hw:0,0

before rebooting or PulseAudio won't work.