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Hitachi CPx605 projector
Hitachi cp-x605 front.jpg
Model CPx605
Sub-category Audio/Visual
Status Good working order
Last updated 13 October 2019 09:41:12
Consumables Unknown
Accessories Unknown
Training requirement no
ACnode no
Owner LHS
Origin Donation from Kraptv
Maintainers none

External specification info at Projector Central.

User Manual for CP-X505/CP-X605

Hitachi CPx605 in ceiling mount in classroom


  • Native resolution of 1024x768 at 4000 lumens (note that brightness matters more than resolution for a large lecture space)
  • Mounted on the ceiling with SVGA and HDMI connections available.
  • HDMI does not currently have sound (Uses proprietary M1-D adapter for HDMI connection) - could possibly add audio via HDMI audio breakout box


  • Needs Ethernet hookup and IP control (webpage, app or similar) or replacement Hitach R002 Projector Remote if not delicately pushing buttons on the unit itself.
  • Needs Default Hackspace logo instead of generic HITACHI freeze-frame logo.
  • Needs digital labels for inputs set
  • Could use a colour calibration or similar.

Maintenance Info:

  • Replacement bulbs (Hitachi DT00771 and compatibles) are not too expensive on eBay - Prices range from 35 to 100 GBP.
  • Should not be removed or borrowed from the Hackspace

Rear ports view:

Beautiful variety of ports for all projection occasions