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1000°C pizza oven

Thanks to efforts of various members, we have a kiln!


It is apparently a Gallenkamp Muffle Furnace exact type: unknown.

Please be careful hacking this as there may be asbestos inside of it. The asbestos should be internal (i.e. only a risk if you open up the back etc) but please be careful and wear a mask (asbestos safe) until confirmed one way or another.


Not to be touched or used until asbestos status has been determined. Jonty is checking this out.

Update: Not sure if Jonty has given his ok or not. At any rate, the kiln has been used several times now. The door is a bit broken, it will still insulate enough to get hot, but it is hard to open and close. I attempted to cement it back together with fire cement, but the bricks really need to be taken off and replaced with new ones. Getting them off seems difficult! - Luke