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(Our metalworking lathe is now a Colchester Master Lathe)
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== Mini Lathe ==
#REDIRECT [[Equipment/Colchester_Master_Lathe]]
[http://www.chesteruk.net/products/detail/2 Link to manufacturer's site]
[[Category:Long-term Loan]]
=== Status ===
Not working yet: Motor spins but too slowly, brush needs replacing, not yet ordered.
=== Updates ===
==== Update 02/10/2012 ====
[[mentar|mentar]]: Coils fine, commutator covered in a beefy layer of carbon, one brush almost gone. Replaced the brush with a smaller one from a one of the motors in the "motors" box, cleaned the carbon residue off the commutator and it works, sort off. The speed controller only works for a small range and the speed is constant after about 20%, this could of-course be due to a brush that wasn't meant for it. I'd still advice people against using it just yet, but if someone who has seen it working before the fault can take a look and confirm that it's not behaving properly that would be great.
See also [[Equipment/LatheMillCombo]] for the bigger mill / lathe

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