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(Our metalworking lathe is now a Colchester Master Lathe)
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== Mini Lathe ==
#REDIRECT [[Equipment/Colchester_Master_Lathe]]
[http://www.chesteruk.net/products/detail/2 Link to manufacturer's site]
[http://www.dcmotorcontroller.net/ Possible motor controller info (needs confirmation that it's relevant)]
The mini-lathe is an example of a widely copied 7x12 lathe that has been manufactured in [http://www.mini-lathe.com/Mini_lathe/Versions/Versions_other_7x.htm several versions]
See also [[Equipment/LatheMillCombo]] for the bigger mill / lathe
[[Category:Long-term Loan]]
=== Status ===
<code>?minilathe</code> Not working yet: Brushes replaced, motor spins but far too slowly, '''need someone''' who knows control electronics to take a look
=== Updates ===
==== Update 09/10/2012 ====
[[user:mentar|mentar]]: Brushes replaced with the help of Charlie, motor running well without load but when connected to the drive belt spins very slowly. And it's almost like there is some sort of current limiting. Need someone with knowledge of control electronics to take a look.
==== Update 02/10/2012 ====
[[user:mentar|mentar]]: Coils fine, commutator covered in a beefy layer of carbon, one brush almost gone. Replaced the brush with a smaller one from a one of the motors in the "motors" box, cleaned the carbon residue off the commutator and it works, sort off. The speed controller only works for a small range and the speed is constant after about 20%, this could of-course be due to a brush that wasn't meant for it. I'd still advice people against using it just yet, but if someone who has seen it working before the fault can take a look and confirm that it's not behaving properly that would be great.
==== Update 05/09/2012 ====
[[user:billy|Billy]] has offered to fit the brushes if someone orders the brushes. Expressed concern about the off-centering of the
armature, which will probably require the motor to be replaced in the future.

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