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Makerbot Cupcake
Model Unknown
Sub-category CNC
Status Out of order
Last updated 1 June 2013 12:03:42
Consumables Unknown
Accessories Unknown
Training link Unknown
Owner Unknown
Origin Unknown


Please don't touch or fiddle with the Makerbot unless you have been trained.

Training Session 1: Wed 7th September @12:30pm Samthetechie showed Billy Smith


Please document the customizations which prevent upgrading the firmware <3


To try to reduce the stagering amount of damage the Makerbot sustains I've added a key. operator log for more information.


We have a Makerbot Cupcake (batch 9, #402)! Now modified to a hipsterbot, extended x, y, z-axis. It's to cool.



If you haven't used it before, please contact Glen or Russ and get him to show you how it works.

If you're using the Makerbot and have issues with it, or have to do maintenance/modifications to it, please note them in the operator log. This lets other users know what the state of the machine is, and helps us to avoid repeating errors which lead to breakage.


Connection voodoo

  1. USB cable maker bot
  2. USB cable laptop
  3. Makerbot PSU power on
  4. Use key to turn power on to system
  5. ~RepRap motherboard power on
  6. replicatorg

Temperature settings

ABS melts at 220 °C. PLA melts at 210 °C

Use ReplicatorG 0025, setting the Machine driver the "Cupcake w/ automated build platform", but the Gcode profile set to "Cupcake w/ heated build platform" (for now, because we don't have a scrubber).

The heated build platform should be set to 100-120 °C, and shows up in GCode as the "cooling fan". If controlling the extruder, set it to 255.

The PTFE Barrel insulates the extruder nozzle

  • PTFE is a thermoplastic polymer. Its melting point is 327 °C, but its properties degrade above 260 °C

The default "3mm" thermistor settings are as follows:

  • Temperature of Raft: 230.0
  • Temperature of Shape First Layer Outline: 215.0
  • Temperature of Shape First Layer Within: 215.0
  • Temperature of Shape Next Layers: 220.0

Yup, that should defo do the trick!


I've bought plastic, lots of plastic.

ABS Black, white, clear, red, yellow, pink green & blue.

PLA Clear, green, white and metallic.

Prices range from 4 to 2.5 pence per gram. Put money for plastic used in the box marked Glen in the box store room.

More information

Glen's notes on conversion to RAMPS [1]