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The screen was last seen: In the SW corner of 24 by the door.
The screen was last seen: By the racks near the entrance from 23 in 24.

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  • Free-standing tripod mount
  • 8ft wide, 10ft high (when fully extended)
  • Top and bottom height adjustment
  • Glass bead finish gives about x2.5 brightness


Please read all of this before you start.

  • 2 or more people facilitates a more successful erection, unless you have previous experience.
  • When folding this monster away the screen does not fully retract - about a foot will protrude. To fully retract the screen, turn the unit so the screen housing is vertical. This is a very delicate operation and requires 2 people. The screen should now automatically retract the last foot but may need the end of the housing to be gently tapped on the ground.


Steps to erect the screen

  1. Open the tripod legs. You may need to rotate the screen housing a little, depending on how it was packed away last;
  2. Rotate the screen housing so it is horizontal if you haven't already done so;
  3. Extend the silver extendible thing that's now hopefully at the top of the vertical then extend the top of the screen to hook onto the silver extendible thing.
  4. Use the top adjuster with the blue doo-hickey to put the top of the screen where you want it to be.
  5. Holding the handle-looking thing, pull the bottom blue doo-hickey thing and adjust where you want the bottom of the screen to be.

To fold the screen away, reverse the above instructions, remembering the note above about retracting the last foot of screen.

Nobody said it was going to be easy.


The screen was last seen: By the racks near the entrance from 23 in 24.