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{{Infobox tool
| image = VinylCutter7.jpg|200px
| name = Vinyl cutter <!-- Name of the item. -->
| name = Vinyl Cutter
| image = VinylCutter7.jpg <!-- Image of the item. Leave with placeholder image if none exists. -->
| status = Working, need training from Hipster
| model = Unknown <!-- Model -->
| origin = Long term loan from Hipster
| category = Equipment <!-- Main category. Please leave alone to keep item in this category -->
| location = Black vinyl cutter/plotter by the toilet.
| subcat = Office equipment<!-- Sub-category if one exists. Please check main listing to see other categories contained within the main one -->
| maintainers = [[User:Hipster|Hipster]]
| status = <!-- Set to one of; Good working order, Faulty, Out of order, Under construction, Out of consumables, Scrapped, or Unknown -->
| consumables = Unknown <!-- Any items used up in normal operation, such as; ink, paper, saw-blades, cutting disks, oil, etc.. -->
| accessories = Unknown <!-- Any items associated with the equipment but not consumable, such as; drill bits, safety gloves, goggles, etc.. -->
| reqtraining = Yes<!-- Is training required to use this equipment? Yes or no. -->
| trainlink = See Hipster<!-- If training is required, provide a link to training signup or contact page. Otherwise leave blank. -->
| acnode = <!-- Is the equipment ACnode locked? -->
| owner = Hipster<!-- Provide a link to owners members page if other than LHS -->
| origin = Long term loan from Hipster<!-- If via pledge, please link to the completed pledge page on the wiki -->
| location = <!-- Floor, room/zone and location within that area -->
| maintainers = Hipster <!-- NO LINKS PLEASE; it currently breaks the template. If someone is nominated as managing the upkeep of this item, please list them here. -->
| template_ver = 1.1 <!-- Please do not change. Used for tracking out-of-date templates -->

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Vinyl cutter
Model Unknown
Sub-category Office equipment
Last updated 17 February 2019 13:02:11
Consumables Unknown
Accessories Unknown
Training requirement Yes
Training link See Hipster
Owner Hipster
Origin Long term loan from Hipster
Maintainers Hipster


DATE TBD (by Hipster) @ only 5 places available (no more), please note your name/nick:

  • 1. Tim_n
  • 2. Billy
  • 3. Marc
  • 4. Necati
  • 5. Joe S



After some time not working on it the vinyl cutter/plotter is now working perfectly in linux.

There are no more signal drops that were happening in windows.

The drivers are on the Whittenstein usb card that is attatched to the machine. DO NOT HACK THE CARD.


download inkscape, move items in the driver folder from USB card into: /home/.config/inkscape/extensions

Run inkscape and should be there under extensions, cutter/plotter.

One thing you have to do though is chmod the USB port:

   sudo chmod 0777 /dev/ttyUSB*

Where * is the USB port number

There is more on the linked website and the readme folder on the USB.

Message hipster or find him for help or any issues that arise.

Regards, Hipster

Old Vinyl Cutter

The old cutter is in the space but is not functional Equipment/VinylCutterOld