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Vinyl cutter
Model Unknown
Sub-category Office equipment
Status Good working order
Last updated 17 February 2019 13:02:11
Consumables Unknown
Accessories Unknown
Training requirement Yes
Training link Vinylcutter_Training
Owner Hipster
Origin Long term loan from Hipster
Maintainers Hipster



Training is run by Velyks on Fridays, notices of training sessions will be put on the mailing list. Training schedule can be found here


  • Max. Cutting Width: 610mm
  • Cutting Speed: 10-800mm/s
  • Cutting Force: 10g-500g
  • Page with more info
  • Setup info


The Windows and Linux drivers are on the Whittenstein usb card that is attached to the machine.

We've currently been unable to get the FTDI Virtual Com Port drivers working with the cutter under OSX Mavericks. If you have success with OSX, please update this page.

Linux Instructions:

Download Inkscape, move items in the driver folder from USB card into: /home/.config/inkscape/extensions

Run inkscape and should be there under extensions, cutter/plotter.


The vinyl cutter will happily take HPGL piped over serial, eg in Linux: cat filename.hpgl > /dev/ttyUSB0

Make sure you have write permissions for the ttyUSB0 device, a quick temporary hack for this is: sudo chmod 0777 /dev/ttyUSB0

Note: If you have multiple USB serial devices, the cutter may not be ttyUSB0

What you use to make the HPGL is up to personal preference. Inkscape can export as HPGL, and has plugins for both Linux/OSX (InkCut) and Windows (Inkscape CAMM-GL) to help fine tune cuts.

Note: Inkscape 4.9+ generates large HPGL with all the coordinates as a single line. This buffer overflows the black vinyl cutter causing it to crash. Smaller designs may be fine, otherwise manually add a carriage return after each instruction by using a text editor.

Protip in vi: :s/;/;\r/g


You can heat press designs onto t-shirts using the heat press


Put something here about appropriate types, thickness, etc.


Old Vinyl Cutter

The old cutter is in the space but is not functional Equipment/VinylCutterOld