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*Choose a new network printer and enter "http://babbage:631/printers/Gutenberg"  as the printer URI
*Choose a new network printer and enter "http://babbage:631/printers/Gutenberg"  as the printer URI
== HP Laserjet Pro CP1025 ==
* Came from Sol
* uses the ZjStream protocol, drivers were installed from: http://foo2zjs.rkkda.com/
* attached to [[babbage]]
* seems to just work across the network
=Other Inventory=
=Other Inventory=

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The Hackspace is currently in posession of several printers. Some work, some are untested.


HP LaserJet 1022

Please make a donation towards the running costs if you use the printer.

  • New toner march 2011, it is rumored to work now.
  • Location: Beside the desk with Lovelace and the Makerbot.
  • Paper size: A4
  • Type: Black and white laser
  • Affixed to: Babbage
  • Addressable via: CUPSd on Babbage
  • Status: Working but the cable on the floor by the wall under the desk that's held into a USB hub with tape may be dodgy.

To clear the print queue

Browse to http://babbage:631/printers/Gutenberg click on the maintainance droplist and select cancel all jobs

To print from a laptop use:

  • Driver: HP LaserJet 1022 - CUPS+Gutenprint v5.2.5 (grayscale, 2-sided printing) HP Driver Download Page
  • Connection: ipp://

HowTo: Add the HP LaserJet 1022 in XP

  • Download the HP LaserJet 1022 driver from the HP website / support section.
  • Install, but cancel when it asks you to plug in the printer
  • Start->Control Panel->Printers and Faxes->Add a Printer->Add a Network Printer->Connect to a printer on the internet or in a Home / Office Network (add this to the url field): http://babbage:631/printers/gutenberg
  • Then manually select the HP Laserjet 1022 driver from the list.

HowTo: Add the HP LaserJet 1022 in Fedora 14

HP Laserjet Pro CP1025

Other Inventory

Other printing equipment goes here.http://www.cups.org/str.php?L2455


We also have many thermel recipt printers.

And a WASP WPL305E barcode printer thing.

Printer fund

Date Amount
2011-09-06 £30

Note on babbage

The version of ubuntu we run on babbage has a bug that means it dosn't share printers via dns-sd (aka rendevous, bonjour, mdns), see this:


Looks like this works now (?)