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There is a Prologic GPIB to Ethernet adaptor available in the electronics area. It connects a couple of meters to ethernet - and lets one do some automation on capture.

  • MAC Address: 00:21:69:01:05:57 a
  • Usually on IP Address
  • [Documentation]
  • Responds to 3040 discovery and telnet to port 1234

Typical use session:

  • telnet 1234
  • ++addr 10
  • *IDN?
  • HP127812
  • 12.3912

I.e. telnet to the box, talk to GPIB address 10 - ask it to identify itself - and then proceed to measure the voltage (this will by default assume autoranging and adjust the settings as needed).

This device is *not* to hack - just to aid your hacking :)