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KADA 852D rework station


Iron has a new tip, but hot air part still not working.

Now fitted with a new element.

However, there's a further problem:

The hot air element apparently runs at mains potential. It's insulated from the earthed casing of the hot air gun by a glass (??) tube .. all except for the end, which tends to sit in the holes at the end of the tube.

It MAY be possible to position the element so that it doesn't short, but there's nothing obvious stopping it. I suspect there should be a small glass or ceramic spacer at the tip to stop this, and this has been lost.

At present, if you connect the element, the rework station will instantly blow a 13A plug fuse. Curiously, it never seems to blow the rework station fuse and always seems to blow the fuses in 4-way blocks/plugs rather than the actual rework station plug. I have disconnected the heater INSIDE THE CONTROL BOX to avoid this happening. Do not reconnect without solving the insulation problem.

Suggested solutions :

  • Try to find the missing insulator. Is it with the heater that was removed ?
  • Try some substitute, such as a ring cut from a ceramic tube (eg a plug fuse)
  • Attempt to buy a replacement insulator
  • Buy a replacement handle
  • Buy a replacement soldering station

The seller of the replacement element also sells a complete hot-air handle unit which may be required. However, I don't think it's a straight plug-in on the model we have.

I later found these two which appear to be the same element at a much lower price.


It appears that Kada don't sell tips, you are supposed to use Hakko tips.