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KADA 852D rework station


Iron has a new tip and hot air is now working. Please do not switch the unit off immediately if you've been using the hot air. Instead switch the heater off and then wait for the pump to stop.

9th May 2011

  • The earth lead had become detached from the nozzle. This was spot welded and thus could not be soldered. The nozzle was drilled and riveted instead.
  • The element was moved further into the nozzle and secured with the internal plastic spacer (this holds the wire and is not near the element). Consequently the element doesn't arc now.

28th April 2011

  • Fitted with a new element.
  • The seller of the replacement element also sells a complete hot-air handle unit which may be required. However, I don't think it's a straight plug-in on the model we have.
  • I later found these two which appear to be the same element at a much lower price.


It appears that Kada don't sell tips, you are supposed to use Hakko tips.