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|name=Flatbed scanner <!-- Name of the item. -->
|image=Canon915900.jpg <!-- Image of the item. Leave with placeholder image if none exists. -->
|model=Canon CanoScanLiDE 30 <!-- Model -->
|category=Equipment <!-- Main category. Please leave alone to keep item in this category -->
|subcat=Office equipment<!-- Sub-category if one exists. Please check main listing to see other categories contained within the main one -->
|status=Good working order
|consumables=None <!-- Any items used up in normal operation, such as; ink, paper, saw-blades, cutting disks, oil, etc.. -->
|accessories=USB cable <!-- Any items associated with the equipment but not consumable, such as; drill bits, safety gloves, goggles, etc.. -->
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|location=Unknown <!-- Floor, room/zone and location within that area -->
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* Works with latest Debian jessie and the XSANE program and GIMP
Fucked. Makes a grinding noise. The carridge is jammed.
* Works with VirtualBox instance of XP
[https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/london-hack-space/yOK0nttTP2U Mailing list discussion]

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Flatbed scanner
Model Canon CanoScanLiDE 30
Sub-category Office equipment
Status Good working order
Consumables None
Accessories USB cable
Training requirement no
ACnode no
Owner Layer1gfx
Origin Loan
Location Unknown


  • Works with latest Debian jessie and the XSANE program and GIMP
  • Works with VirtualBox instance of XP

Mailing list discussion


Loaned by Layer1gfx

Do Not Hack

  • USB-B cable required
    • There is a tendancy for USB cables to be borrowed for other things. There is at least one in the lowest wire basket by the hanger 23 front door.
  • powered from USB, does not need an extra PSU

"Just works" on Ubuntu 10.04

Windows XP requires a TWAIN driver. Plugging it in and allowing XP to try to automatically find a driver didn't work for me. This looks like it but I got it from a different site so not certain. Separately from the twain driver there is "canoscan toolbox", it's a little utility which can do things like scan and save as a BMP or jpeg. You don't need canoscan toolbox if you are going to use other software that can get an image from a scanner directly such as just about any image editing program. The driver and software are supplied as an installer inside a self extracting exe so they splat extra folders into c:\ The c:\canon folder is marked hidden.

Users of XP or windows 2000 may find it best to allways connect the scanner the same USB port. There is a vaguely written note in the toolbox readme mentioning needing to reboot.


SB Manual