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Scrollsaw currently not working due to a broken blade. Blade needs to be removed and length measured so that a replacement can be bought. Possible blades identified below

Scroll saw picture.jpg


NUTOOL SS16-4 Scroll SAW Serial #: 008445

Scroll saw model number.jpg Scroll saw serial number.jpg


Mind your fingers!


If in doubt then please ask Please only cut thin/small peices of wood or similar soft materials.

Changing the blade

Always observe the safety precautions described below.

Tools required: 5mm allen key, gloves, safety glasses

  1. Disconnect the saw from the mains.
  2. Wear gloves and eye protection at all times - this includes anyone helping or watching.
  3. <need more info>
  4. Using some tape, make a note on the machine of the current blade TPI.
  5. From a safe position, reconnect the power and activate the saw to verify that it is running correctly.



  • Purchasing: