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Sewing machines
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Location 1st Floor, Textiles room

Sewing Machines

Sewing Accessories

The craft space
The craft space

There are various small handy items in the craft room to assist with sewing and craft projects:

  • Needles - Hand and Machine - various sizes
  • Bow wire needle threaders
  • Pins
  • Tape measures
  • Tailor's chalk
  • Stitch ripper
  • Scissors
  • Various threads, although if you need an exact match it is best to bring your own
  • LOTS of buttons
  • Spare bobbins
  • Bias tape makers
  • Irons and ironing boards
  • Oscillating cutter (handy for cutting foam)
  • Miscellaneous patterns

Janome MS2522

Janome MS2522

We have two electric domestic sewing machines, Janome MS2522 (Limited Edition). niblitoff has got them in working order. To thread up the machine, follow this video demonstrating on a similar model:[1], or refer to the instruction manual here: Media:Janome_MS2522_Instruction_manual.pdf.

Brother DB2-B755-3

Brother industrial sewing machine.jpg

A robust high-speed industrial sewing machine, with a fairly intimidating top speed (5500 stitches per minute according to the specification). Acquired in 2013. We are currently discussing possibilities for slowing down or speed controlling this machine.
Best option probably large DC motor and pwm control; watch this space.

Manual here: Media:DB2-B755.pdf
Parts list here: Media:db2-b755pts.pdf, parts have previously been sourced from

Frister & Rossmann (antique)

A lovely accessible machine; sew as slow as you want! (It's hand crank operated). Cleaned up and functioning as of September 2019. For reference of how to thread the machine, see this tutorial for a very similar model: [2].

This machine does not use 'standard' 15x needles and those won't fit, since the shank is too wide. Instead it is compatible with needles used in the "Singer 12 New Family Sewing Machine" type, 'Singer 12x' is a good search term to find compatible ones on eBay. came over from Hackney road is on loan from Dean Forbes

Frister and rossmann.jpg

Knitting machines

See the dedicated knitting machine page, here.

"Trained" Users

People who are willing to show others how to use the sewing machines. Does not guarantee they won't stop you from hurting yourself or damaging anything.

Who Sewing Machine Skills
Ciarán Toyota 2260 Very Basic
Akki John Lewis Basic
Will Brother XL-3600 Very Basic

Very Basic - Someone who can get the machine threaded. Able to run a stitch forwards and backwards. Basic - Can show how to use the other stitches and advise on thread tension etc.


Broken Sewing Machines

Brother XL-3600

Current status? Instructions can be found on Brother's website here

Toyota 2260

We have had an electric pedal operated Toyota 2260. It appears to not be operational anymore? Last update on it was someone tried to fix it with parts from another machine but it's entirely non-working now.

John Lewis Tiny Purple Machine

Currently broken (September 2019). See 2013 thread:this thread THIS IS FOR LIGHTWEIGHT FABRICS ONLY. Absolutely NO denim (like jeans fabric) or heavy materials like that. As in the instructions: If needle does not go through fabric, do not force it.


Also of note: It has quite a wide "free arm" - it's pretty much useless for anything small and tubular (like edges of sleeves or very small bags/pouches if you understand that).

Instruction Manual

These pictures should help you start using the machine. It's mostly straight forward if you have the instructions in front of you. PLEASE remember to put the instruction manual back in the box so the next person can read it and learn how to wind a bobbin and thread the machine correctly. With the instructions it's easy-peasy to use.