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Smoke machine
Hackspace Unknown.png
Model Unknown
Sub-category Audio/Visual
Status Scrapped
Consumables fog fluid
Accessories Unknown
Training link Unknown
Owner Unknown
Origin Unknown

July 1st, 2013

Discovered the smoke machine in the 3wk bin, dismantled and gutted of parts. Definitely irreparable. A 2nd unknown smoke machine also present and similarly destroyed.


Name: Fog Machine , Model: 400 N88GB , Power: 400w , Fuse: T3A/250V , Volts: 230V/50HZ (Manual from maplins)


Check the level of 'fuel', if necessary refill it with 'smoke fluid'. Plug it in, let it warm. Once the light on the small hand set goes out press the button and smoke should come out.


  • For steam effects it generally looks better if the smoke dissipates very quickly, diluting the fluid 5:1 or even 10:1 with distilled water will do the trick[1].

Smoke rings

You will need:

  • Some form of reasonably air tight hose/tubing (something like extractor fan flexi tube is excellent)
  • A container with 3 holes in
    • One large hole: the entire end of one of the SMA tin cans works well
    • One 'entrance' hole - best put in the side of a tin can and about the right size to attach to the tube
    • Smoke hole - this should be smaller (perhaps 50%) of the total diameter and needs to be in the opposite end of the tin can to the large hole

Attach hose & can with hole to the nozzle on the smoke machine; fill the tin can with smoke then flick what ever rubber glove/balloon etc has been put over the can to (theoretically) create smoke rings