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Ultimakers 1 & 2
Sub-category Defunct
Status Unknown
Consumables Printer filament
Training requirement Yes
Training link Ultimakers-Induction
ACnode yes
Owner Wevolver
Origin Loan
Location Removed

Rich, Matt9, User:Tolland, Chris?, Ian?

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These printers were on a loan and are now removed. Please see discussion on Google Groups.

Only use PLA on the Ultimakers, this is explained in the Induction briefing

There are 2 ultimakers currently on loan from "robots for good" project. They are available for use by members under the acnode system. Given the high cost and delicate nature of this equipment training is available to members who have previous experience with 3d print hardware, rather than absolute beginners, ideally you will have done the lulzbot induction. However the Ultimakers are much easier to use than the lulzbot, and if you follow the basic guidelines, you should have no problems.

Product links


ACNode is in operation on the Ultimaker-1, the ultimaker-2 acnode is not yet commissioned. In order for your existing training to be approved on ACNode, you must run through a machine type induction to demonstrate how to use the sdcard with the Ultimaker.

If you have been trained previously and need approved on ACNode, contact the maintainers to be added to the acnode.

Specification & documentation

Ultimaker recommend the use of Cura to slice and manipulate your model for printing. There is no pc associated with the Ultimakers, so you will have to download and install Cura and become familiar with it.

The Ultimakers both print from sdcard, there is one in the machine, but be prepared to bring your own.


  • Print speed: 30 mm/s - 300 mm/s
  • Travel speed: 30 mm/s - 300 mm/s
  • Precision: 12.5 / 12.5 / 5 micron
  • Nozzle temperature: 180 - 260 °C
  • Heated bed temperature: 50 - 100 °C


  • Use of filament will be covered in the training.

Filament options (3.0mm)

  • 3mm PLA (biodegradable)

Which Sdcard is compatible?