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I have had a certain amount of success running the cutter with a serial connection from Inkscape under Linux. More messing around is needed.--Artag 13:32, 19 August 2010 (UTC)



  • It holds up to 610mm (24") media and cuts up to 584mm ( ~23").
  • Length is essentially unlimited as it can use roll-feed media but seems to be restricted to 25m.


Quick setup guide

  • Set inkscape to hpgl output
  • draw figure and print to a file
  • set serial port to 9600 8n1, crtscts.
  • connect blue cable (a 9-pin gender-changer is needed at the PC end)
  • load vinyl, switch cutter on. cutter should park at right hand side
  • press Setup, cutter parks at left. Move cutter if necessary with cursor buttons, press Origin Set to mark lower right corner of drawing
  • cat the inkscape output file to the serial port

It should be possible to enable the serial port as a printer and print direct to it, but I found this produced cutter errors (flashing power light) and no cut.

The following file was generated by inkskape for a star shape. This almost works : the first leg is replaced by a poorly cut arc. May imply a need for some sort of initialisation data.



  • Sometimes the cutter refuses to print or respond to any buttons. This hasn't happened since I opened a door in the bottom of the printer and poked an EPROM there, so may be due to some poor internal connection.

Serial cable

The serial cable (blue, with a 25WD at one end and a 9WD at the other) is connected as follows :

Cutter, 25 pin male D PC, 9 pin female D Use
pin 2 pin 2 PC RXD from cutter
3 3 PC TXD to cutter
4 n/c cutter pin 5, RTS CTS loopback
5 n/c cutter pin 4, RTS CTS loopback
7 5 ground
20 8 cutter DTR to PC CTS, flowcontrol

This provides for hardware (rts/cts) handshake. Software flowcontrol may be OK but the cutter manual suggests overrun may occur.


There is a pledge running for the purchase of more vinyl.