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|status=Good working order
|accessories=Cat5 Patch leads
|accessories=Cat5 Patch leads

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Hackspace Unknown.png
Model HP JE009A
Sub-category Networking
Status Scrapped
Accessories Cat5 Patch leads
Training requirement yes
ACnode no
Origin Donation from kraptv
Location under the red stairs
Maintainers Sysadmin team


  • AKA a 3com 2952-SFP Plus
  • works with all the LC SFP's we've got
  • ssh logins work via radius against peoples ldap accounts, being in the Admins group gets you full access
  • annoyance one: does not do the full command line by default, you have to enter: '_cmdline-mode on' and then '512900'
  • annoyance two: needs ctrl-h for delete, does not work with normal backspace key
  • latest firmware loaded
  • we have two, the other is Equipment/je009a-2

todo / fix

  • Give it a sane ssl certificate
  • make the backup authentication thing work, atm _only_ radius users work