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Eryone Thinker 3d Printers

The hackspace was donated a set of modified Eryone Thinker 3D printers. This page is documenting findings of how complete they are, and our findings on them, and what use we might find for them.

The previous owners have helpfully labelled them by a reference number on the front panel, so we shall use this to identify which printer we are referring to.

General appearance for all of these printers:

  • Boden tube extruder
  • Largeish build volume
  • 1.75mm filament
  • Raspberry PI fitted on back right side, presumably for Octoprint, but also has a relay board fitted at rear to control the main PSU. PI needs it's own PSUs.
  • BL Tech probe fitted, presumably for bed levelling.
  • Power supply mount to frame is very wobbly indeed.
  • Power supply has no switch.
  • Power supply fan is noisy, which might be why they had a relay board.
  • Stainless steel magnetic attached build plate (like Prusa)
  • Heated bed
  • RAMPS board with stepper driver modules fitted below the bed.
  • without the PI, behaves like a fairly standard LCD-controller-equipped Marlin, ie. save gcode file to memory card, insert memory card in printer, select file from LCD interface. For regular Hackspace use, we'd probably want to get the octoprint working and hooked up to an acnode, because using a shared SD card is a bit of a security risk and will go missing.
  • Bed adhesion on steel build plates requires the plate to be spotlessly clean for best results before printing. (Similar to a Prusa)


  • Bypassed relay board so could power up without the PI to see how the printer itself behaves.
  • Marlin and LCD screen powers up
  • Jog control works
  • Z axis works
  • Y axis works
  • X axis works
  • Auto home works
  • heated bed works
  • hotend works
  • extruder works
  • Bed was filthy and dusty
  • using Prusaslicer, defining custom printer with marlin firmware, with all defaults for PLA filament, default 0.4mm nozzle size, 200°C hotend, 60°C bed, it produced a gcode file which did print, admittedly with a bit of elephants foot, Z axis offset needed some adjustment.
  • Blower fan can be noisy
  • Previous owner may have used pritt stick on the bed, but probably not needed for PLA. Bed adhesion is very good without it.