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A bbq and general tomfoolery day. See the mailing list for ideas.


There will be a group meeting up from the hackspace. Precise GPS co-ordinates will be posted here when we have settled at a spot.

Somewhere in Shoreditch park.

  • There is a big rock in the center of the park which is a useful landmark


13:00 on 25th of April (Easter Monday)


If worst comes to the worst we get a few disposable BBQs.

  • Bring something heatproof on which to place the BBQs

Food and drink

Like any picnic, we're going to play this by ear. Some people will bring more, some less, but it usually works out in the end. If we find we're short, we'll make a run to the nearest supermarket.



  • There is a co-op and cash point nearby.
  • The Rosemary Branch pub is close by (buy a pint to use the loo?)