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What is happening

A day for people to get together and learn/teach electronics.

If it is successful, perhaps run it regularly every monday evening(after gadget geeks has finished)?

No specific instruction currently planned.


Saturday 25th february 2pm-6pm (first free weekend with nothing else going on)


Quiet room


Please put down your skill level so people can know what sort of help is likely to be available and needed

  • Basic electronics + theory, reading circuit diagrams. Soldering some stuff. All very rusty --Eb4890 16:26, 6 February 2012 (UTC)
  • d&a Electronics theory to A-level, although quite rusty! :) assembly and coding in lots of languages, no specific experience of arduino though and would love to learn (have kit with me, not soldered). Some soldering experience, never printed a PCB. bambam
  • Circa '98 I did an electronics course at college, didn't use these skills and only just starting to pick up electronics again as of late. Microcontrollers, circuit diagrams etc, all pretty much fine with those. I'm sure I can learn and also offer lots of help. - trying to book that day off work - TheHypnotist
  • lots of programming experiance, dabbled with arduino,
  • pretty basic electronics. (reading books and doing limited playing right now) - John Best
  • various electronics, embedded programming, use of testgear, soldering - artag

What to bring(and label?)

  • Bread boards
  • Multimeters
  • Strip board/PCB board
  • A project you are working on
  • Pen and Paper
  • Calculator of some description, phone, laptop, abacus, etc.

What to prepare

  • Replug euro soldering irons?
  • Move stuff into the quiet room