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Fastener stock
Type Consumable
Status Operational
Origin Operating expenses
Location Back of tool board, near pillar drill
Maintainers Artag

[[image::File:None.pngConsumableOperationalOperating expensesBack of tool board, near pillar drill[[maintainers::Artag]]


A set of mini-drawers in the workshop (on the shelves near the pillar drill) [picture needed]

There is also box on the member's shelves with some spare stock. If you replenish the drawers from there, please note it in the table below.


Various sizes of metric nuts, screws, washers, capscrews, setscrews.

Restocked 14th November 2012 from Challenge (Europe) Ltd

(note : drawers need labelling)

Size Description Length mm Quantity Cost per 100 (ex vat) Cost Stocks low ?
M3 hex full nut - 1000 £0.12 £1.44
M3 flat washer - 1000 £0.105 £1.26 YES
M3 capscrew 10 200 £1.36 £3.27 YES (NONE!)
M3 pan head pozi 6 500 £0.24 £1.44
M3 pan head pozi 10 500 £0.336 £2.02
M3 pan head pozi 20 500 £0.43 £2.28
M3 pan head pozi 40 500 0.95 £5.70
M4 hex full nut - 1000 £0.21 £2.52
M4 flat washer - 1000 £0.193 £2.32
M4 capscrew 16 500 £1.36 £8.16
M4 pan head pozi 10 500 £0.56 £3.36
M4 pan head pozi 20 500 £0.896 £5.38
M4 pan head pozi 40 500 £1.748 £10.49
M6 hex full nut - 250 £0.456 £1.37
M6 flat washer - 250 £0.384 £1.15
M6 hex head setscrew 20 250 £0.276 £0.83

Fasteners are often misnamed. Asking for the wrong thing will result in disappointment or, in some shops, ridicule.

  • A setscrew is threaded all the way to the end and usually has a hexagonal head. It is often wrongly called a bolt.
  • A bolt has a smooth portion as well as a threaded portion
  • Pozidrive and Philips are both known as cross-head screws and use a '+' shaped screwdriver tip
  • Pozidrive are more common and have short radial lines between the main grooves
  • A single slot right across the head for use with a common flat-blade screwdriver is called a slotted head
  • A full rounded screw top is called a round head
  • A shallow round head is called a pan head
  • A cylindrical head with an allen / hex key hole is called a cap head screw, cap screw or socket head screw
  • A conical head intended to lie flush with the surface is called a countersunk head


If you are a member, these may be used for your personal project. Please be excellent and respect other members : if you use more than a few, make a donation to help pay for your usage and email the keeper to ensure supplies are replaced.

Pleas keep the drawers tidy. If you drop them, put them back correctly. If you take more than you need, return the excess to the correct drawer.

We can't hold every possible size but the initial stock is just to get things started. It may be possible to stock additional items. If you think there is a need to extend the range please note it here or in email. Be sensible or you'll be ignored.

Size Description Length mm
M3 capscrew 20
M4 capscrew 10
M4 capscrew 40
M6 capscrew 10
M6 capscrew 20
M6 capscrew 50
M8 capscrew ??

Specialist - these should perhaps be bought personally rather than as general stock, but are noted here to help gauge interest. Long metric screws are not exotic but if they're very long compared with thickness they tend to be expensive .. e.g. 10 x the cost of a short screw. And it's often the case that a thicker screw is appropriate for longer lengths.

Size Description Length mm
M3 capscrew 40
M3 capscrew 60
M4 capscrew 60
UNC 1/4-20 capscrew 1"
UNC 1/4-20 capscrew 2"
UNC 3/8-16 capscrew 1"
UNC 3/8-16 capscrew 2"


In case of problems, suggestions or other queries contact Artag


  • Large range of Woodscrews
  • Larger range of nuts, bolts and washers
  • Rivets and rivet gun
  • Organised in pots in a rolling cabinet

for example: