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==Standard's research group - calendar of funding opportunities==

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This page has been created to collect together the potential sources of funding for research, equipment and facilities, and associated travel and subsistence for presenting work at conferences and exhibitions etc.

Cabinet Office

Central funding registry


Tower Hamlets grant/funding listings

Tower Hamlets are the local authority for the Hackspace and should have an interest in promoting local technology and infrastructure.


Community grants



COST is an intergovernmental framework for European Cooperation in Science and Technology, allowing the coordination of nationally-funded research on a European level.


"What does COST fund? The support will cover the costs of networking activities such as meetings (e.g. travel, subsistence, local organiser support), conferences, workshops, short-term scientific exchanges, training schools, publications and dissemination activities. COST does not fund the research itself."


"Nesta is an independent charity with a mission to help people and organisations bring great ideas to life.

We do this by providing investments and grants and mobilising research, networks and skills."


Standard's research group - calendar of funding opportunities