Gantry CNC

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Gantry CNC
Model LHS Design
Sub-category CNC
Status Under construction
Last updated 21 January 2019 11:53:22
Consumables Router / Milling Cutters
Accessories NA
Training requirement Yes
ACnode Yes
Owner LHS (spindle and VFD currently on loan)
Origin LHS Built
Location Basement, Robotics area
Maintainers Robotics, Metalbashers


We made this CNC from the donated linear slides and stages, and other things lying around the space, and some bits and pieces that members had. All suggestions for improvements / modification are welcome!


  • Spindle 1000 to 20000rpm
  • Rapid traverse rate at 100% 2000mm/min
  • Axis travel
    • X(longitudinal) 800mm
    • Y(cross) 960mm
    • Z(vertical) 80mm (Phase 1), 280mm (Phase 2)


The system currently runs GRBL 0.9 and is very similar to use to the Shapeoko2.

To start the spindle, press the green button on the VFD. Use the up and down keys to vary the speed.