Good Wood Box

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There is a box in unit 23 marked "Good Wood Box"

Amongst the huge pile of salvaged wood that showed up in February 2011 were a couple of really lovely pieces, including a slab of quarter-sawn maple that *desperately* wants to be a guitar neck in its next life.

There's also assorted pieces of salvaged mahogany, maple, oak and other hardwoods that are a bit special.

I've picked out a couple of the bigger pieces that would lend themselves to wood-carving or artisan carpentry/luthiery projects, and put them in the Good Wood Box.

If you *want* to make something that needs maple or mahogany for strength, appearance or whatever, help yourself.

But if you just want to nail bits of wood together, please stick to the not-insubstantial pile of pine, ply and old cupboard doors.