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Our lil funky logo, based on the Amiga bouncing ball

Graphics Hackspace is a meetup at the London Hackspace for these people interested in Computer Graphics, Computer Vision and digital art. We run classes, have presentations and drink beer on occasion!

Workshops and Classes

Beginners OpenGL Workshop 26/05/2013 - 10:30am till 4pm


This is our first class on the basics of OpenGL. We will cover the following topics

  • Overview of the graphics pipeline
  • Introduction to matrices, vectors and a little math
  • Introduction to creating a context and clearing the screen! Very important! :D
  • Introduction to buffers and geometry
  • GLSL Shaders version 1.5 (and touching on later versions)
  • Your first triangle
  • Your first animation

If you have any more questions, please email Oni -


Please add your name to the class list here, along with your email address so we know how many people to expect.

  • Benjamin Blundell -
  • Tom Mulvaney -
  • Mark -
  • Stu Grey -
  • Tonderai Ratisai -
  • Lorna Harper -
  • Charlie Grosvenor -
  • Ed Zukowski - ed _at_
  • Jasper Wallace -


  • A laptop running OSX, Windows or Linux
  • Git (you'll need to checkout the source code)
  • The love of computer graphics! :)
  • A good editor!
  • The BOOST Library for C++
  • Basic C++ Knowledge
  • The source code and examples for the class - TO BE RELEASED VERY SOON
  • CMake

On Windows you will need:

  • Visual Studio 2010 with service pack 1
  • Boost built and installed
  • Git for Windows
  • A Good editor of somekind

On OSX you will need:

  • XCode developer tools
  • A good command line program like iTerm (though terminal will do)

On Linux you will need:

  • GCC and all the usual build tools
  • A good editor