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The call sign of London Hackspace is M0HSL.

RSGB Affiliation

London Hackspace are an RSGB affiliated club. This means we can enter RSGB contests, get news coverage in Radcom and GB2RS easily and probably get some general promotion for the space, generally good things.

Meetings & Events

Meetings are monthly on the first Saturday, at 14:00.


Projects and Goals for the Club

  • Encourage more active licensing of atypical amateur radio enthusiasts (younger demographics, women, minorities)
  • Build a complementary bridge between other group efforts
  • Mount and install a variety of antennas on the shack (Rebuild the Yagi, install the 2m Diamond antenna, rearrange cables in shack)
  • Participate as a club/team in some contests and possibly field activities like SOTA
  • Explore more digital HF modes
  • More Intermediate (second-level) licensing activities

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