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Project maintained by timm, contact on IRC


To start up a Lockpicking Sport Club

There appears to be much interest in the wonderful Sport of Lockpicking. During the space warming party on 1 August 2010, a mini-workshop was held. The interest was simply amazing and many tried their best opening the few locks which were available.

What we need now

Currently, we only have six locks and one little Southord pickset (comprising of one snake, one hook and one half-diamond with one tensioner).

  • Locks! We need many, many more locks.

We need any type of lock, with or without the key, in functioning order. If we can get a nice collection of locks, then we can gain much useful experience working with different types of locks.

Regarding the quantity of locks, we should have at least a few hundred. This will assure that we have locks for all levels of lockpicking, from beginner's locks to locks for the more experienced.

Ideas for the new London Lockpicking Sportgroup

If you have any ideas for the lockpicking sportgroup, please pass them on!


  • What day would be best to have the lockpicking sport club? Evenings during the week? Weekends?
  • How often should we hold it? Once a month, twice a month, more often?
  • Setting up a Lockpicking Sportclub, how this could be done.
  • Webserver hosting -- who would want to host the lockpicking website? Anyone?

External Links

They are now around six/seven Lockpicking Sport Clubs in the world. Due to much interest in this sport, much growth is expected in the coming years. Let us profit from their experience!

Enough said ... Let's get our site in there soon!