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London Hackspace Linux User Group
When Alternating Thursdays, from 19:30

Who are we


The London Hackspace Linux User Group (or LHS-LUG) is a subgroup devoted to all things Linux, Unix, Minix, NetBSD, FreeBSD, OpenBSD and any other *nix descendant you can think of.

Any kind of user is welcome, from total beginners to experienced kernal hackers.

We will be running exciting events including:

  • Introduction talks
  • Install fests
  • Linux days
  • Linux LAN parties

We want to use encourage the use of Linux and Unix alikes everywhere, from Raspberry Pi's to big mainframes.

When we meet

We meet every every other Thursday to to talk about why we're interested in *Nix what we use it for. Bring laptops running *nix and beer.

Next meeting - Thursday 14th May

We have a talk this week from George Cox on how to run a mailserver

Mailservers have been in the news recently with Hilary Clinton deciding that she doesn't want anyone to know what she did in government. You too can hide secrets from the state* with George Cox's handy guide to running a mailserver on Linux.

* LHS-LUG cannot guarantee your secrets will be safe from the state unless you make sure you wear appropriate Faraday cage head gear at all times.


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