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The London MathSpace is a group that aims to meet fortnightly to discuss topics in Mathematics. The format we follow is to have one or two short talks followed by discussion time. Topics of interest among the participants in the kickoff meeting are mainly in applied math & statistics (machine learning, graphics, computer vision, biomathematics...), but there are also a few into pure math. Some people would be up to read and discuss papers.

We aim to have talks pretty much at all levels, from recreational math to graduate topics, so don't be scared to propose a talk on any topic!

We have decided to hold these on alternate Fridays from now on, since other dates can be problematic re. booking the classroom.

Next events

Friday 5th December: Introduction to Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange and Perfect Forward Secrecy, by Axel Wagner

Future events

  • 19th December
  • 9th January (I guess skipping the 2nd is reasonable... but happy to do an informal one if there's demand)

Past meetings

05 Dec 2014

  • Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange (Axel Wagner) slides

21 Nov 2014

  • Braiding (Matthew Scroggs)

24 Oct 2014

  • Flexagons (Matthew Scroggs). Flexagon templates can be found here

Proposed talks

The following talks have been offered by MathSpace members:

  • Machine learning
  • Hidden Markov models for robots
  • Set theory (wyan)
  • Geometric group theory
  • Voting theory
  • Divergent series (wyan)

If you would like to ask for a talk on a particular topic, please list it below: