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We are a group of Hackspace members interested in Metal fabrication.

The best way to contact the group is by posting on the list below.

Please do not base the planning of any project, especially academic projects for examinations, on the anticipation of getting training or practice time on a equipment on an "as needed" basis. We have had a few individuals turn up with unrealistic expectations of what they might achieve in a limited timeframe recently and wish to avoid disappointment.

It is also worth remembering that certain processes such as welding, lathe and milling may require significant personal investment in consumables, extra tools, and safety equipment which HackSpace may not supply. More advice can be given on request.

Getting in touch

We have a MetalBashers mailing-list

Our tools

We have a range of tools which are available to members, including welding, lathe, milling machine, forming and cutting tools.

Due to the dangerous nature of some of these, tools training or the ability to prove that you already have good experience will be required before you can use some of the equipment.

Some of the tools such as the grinding wheels and donkey saw can be easily damaged if used incorrectly. Please make sure you are aware of the following before use...

  • Donkey Saw - if you leave the vice bar in the wrong position the saw will smack into it causing serious damage
  • Grinding wheels - Do not grind aluminum with the grinding wheels. Aluminum is soft enough to easily file...
  • Welding - Arc MMA, MIG, TIG
  • Linisher - For cleaning up edges on steel

Other tools include

  • Pipe Bending - 1/2" and 3/4" mandrell pipe bender, 12-ton pipe bending press
  • Bench drill
  • Sheet metal bender for forming boxwork from thin metal sheet.

Joining the group

You should first become a member of the London Hackspace if you aren't already. Rent in London is surprisingly expensive...

The next step is to introduce yourself, by checking if other people are attending by posting on the mailing list what you would like to do.

Its worth remembering that the metal bashers are happy to help new members to learn metalworking skills when they have spare time to do so. Requests for help on projects which involve considerable amount of time, expertise or have a commercial angle to them, may be subject to fees that a member would normally charge for commercial work.

There is no official membership for the metal bashers..