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Hi there, this is a rough first draft for the Arduino Hackspace User Group wiki.

(We will rename this group after the 1st meeting so it can clearly include all microcontrollers)

Feel free to add all relevant info.


contact: Marc or related mailing list thread

Pirate pad form the 1st meeting:



  • huge interest on this subject in the LHS community (see workshop proposals and mailing list threads)

what for?

  • Building an active user group around Arduino and micro-controllers
  • Organise workshops and talks where we can all share and learn skills
  • Regular meetings (bi-monthly?) where we can bring our projects demo them and / or get help


1st Event Friday 5th October 7PM

We need an agenda for this meeting, please add suggestions. Then we'll decide frequency, place and time of meetings.


Please list here your projects using micro-controllers here

  • Weather Station - to feed into openweather map and cosm (Deanforbes)
  • Sousvide Water Bath - Precision water heater using PID controller (Deanforbes)
  • Robotic Arm with Kinect 3D "Vision" - Have arduino control a robotic arm and have visual input from Microsoft Kinect to guide the arm to pick stuff (Ulisses)


  • Using AVR-GCC, Make and AVRDude i.e. progamming Arduino's using C instead of being reliant upon the Arduino IDE.
  • Using hardware programmers.
  • Graphical Programming for Arduino see "Interesting Links" below

Recommended Reading

The Hackspace library has some decent Arduino books:

but please add here suggestions.

Interesting Links

Add your links here with a small description.

Graphical Programming for Arduino