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This is the wiki for "Not Just Arduino", a user group for people who want to learn, share and experiment on all microcontrollers.

Our next event will be on 14th January at 7PM in the quiet room at London Hackspace.

Note that Eugene will run then a PCB / etching workshop from concept to prototype:

  • How to build your circuit using Fritzing, make a schematic, and the circuit board diagram.
  • How to prepare a copper-board, add a photo-resist layer, expose, develop, etch and drill

Report on our 6th Event here: Not Just Arduino Event 6

Feel free to add all relevant info to this page.


contact: Marc and Dean or just ping our new mailing list.


  • Building an active user group around Arduino and micro-controllers
  • Organise workshops and talks where we can all share and learn skills
  • Bi-monthly events where we can bring our projects demo them and / or get help


  • Next event: MONDAY 14th January at 7PM in London Hackspace's quiet room

Programme tbc soon

Past events

Event Number Agenda
1 8th October 2012
2 22nd October 2012
3 5th November 2012
4 19th November 2012
5 3rd December 2012
6 17th December 2012


Skills that the group has or are happy to share.

Name Electronic Skills Programming Skills Platform Prepared to mentor
Dean Basic Learning Basic's Arduino Yes - Set Up in Windows
TheHypnotist Analogue-basic, Digital-medium C mostly now os/Linux ARM/Atmega328/MSP430 Yes
Ulisses Basic Advanced (C like)
Shane Basic basic C, Will try
Mentar Analogue-basic, Digital-medium Arduino, C, C++, S4A Arduino, AVR, PIC Yes
TimS Basic C, Make ATMega326 (AVR) Yes
Riccardo Basic Arduino, Programming, Basic C, Arduino Can try
brendan Basic Very basic Arduino Can try
Dave KISS digital, copy analogue Good C, C++; Arduino, AVR Sure
Robert Basic Basic C Arduino UNO

Name I would like coaching support in At Level
Add Your Details here  ??  ??


Training will be determined by the needs of the user group meetings. Members of our group will offer mentoring, though we might find some kind of trade system (skill-share, beers, travel-cost...). We need to be able to provide a mentor during sessions to help those who have difficulty getting off the ground - without tying the mentors up too much. Beginners will help each other and when progress will take over some part of the training.

Each project should be listed here, to source help and document what they have done/learned: if not documented directly it does not exist.

Mentors (tbc)

Group Project

Let's work as a group on a micro-controller project!

We are building a new LED notification board for the workshop, adapted from Solexious' project.

We're using this project as a learning platform for the new Not Just Arduino members.

>>>> Please add your links, suggestions, code, specs on the project page


Please list here your projects using micro-controllers here

  • Weather Station - to feed into openweather map and cosm (Deanforbes)
  • Sousvide Water Bath - Precision water heater using PID controller (Deanforbes)
  • Kinect Robotic Arm - with 3D "Vision" - Have Arduino and Raspberry Pi control a robotic arm and have input from Microsoft Kinect's infrared depth sensor to guide the arm to pick stuff User:Ulisses
  • Build a simple ethernet driven relay (2x) - anyone wanting to join in is welcome, we will learn the basics as we go along User:Dariomolinari
  • With basic electronic-circuit training (printing, etching, soldering), would eventually like to build a Nanode User:Dariomolinari
  • 1-wire iButton decode User:Dariomolinari
  • Object detection - begin with RFID and then go on to explore other options with longer ranges (Kieron)
  • I attempted to interface a microcontroller and a timed mains outlet and let out the blue smoke - it's on my User page. User:TheHypnotist
  • Build a self-balancing robot example- anyone who wants to join is welcome (Riccardo)
  • Motion-sensing greeting bot (brendan)
  • remote-controlled hot air balloon/zeppelin (Qpnaosc)
  • 434Mhz RTTY transmitter Transmits text over the air and is picked up by software defined radio, would like some help with taking it further.


  • Using AVR-GCC, Make and AVRDude i.e. progamming Arduino's using C instead of being reliant upon the Arduino IDE.
  • Using hardware programmers.
  • Graphical Programming for Arduino see "Interesting Links" below

Recommended Reading

The Hackspace library has some decent Arduino books:


but please add here suggestions.

Group order

Interesting Links

Add your links here with a small description.

Alternative platform for Arduino

Raspberry Pi breakout boards

Graphical Programming for Arduino

Motion Control

Weather Station