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When Every Monday, from 19:30
Robot Arm hacking

Robotics group

  • Description: We are an informal group of robotics enthusiasts that meet on Mondays to "sync" and work on projects, we also arrange to hack on stuff at other times. We have members who are very good in various fields and have those that are just starting out on hacking on their projects, so beginners are just as welcome!
  • Meetups: Every Monday 7:30pm start at London Hackspace (free event, non-members welcome)
  • Open to both LHS members and the public (if needed please ring the bell and mention you are coming for the robotics group meetup)


  • 16 MAR 2015 - Workbench installed along the wall
  • 18 AUG 2014 - Table pledge money collected, planning to order material imminently
  • 10 JUN 2014 - Table pledge met, gathering the money

Get in touch

How to get started

Robotics is a multidisciplinary field and although that is what makes it exciting, it also makes it really hard to get started.

Here are some resources to get you on help you get started:

  • Starting bots
  • Electronics
    • edX Embedded Systems course(link) on 22nd Jan 2014. Syllabus can be found here here and can order the eval board required for the course at TI-store for just over £8 equivalent.
  • Software
    • Andrew Davison (Imperial College) robotics course ([1]). Excellent introduction to mobile robotics.
  • Mechanics
    • Robotics 101 - Set of videos based around the Actobotics set by Sparkfun, good general overview.
  • Books
    • Don't forget we have some good books at the hack-space library, you can browse them using LibraryThing

Robotics projects


Here's the opt-in list of members and what they are working on

  • Mentar working on the HSRDP and the Staubli Robot Arm. Quite keen on ROS, pretty good with software, ok with electronics, rubbish at mechanics
  • Ianadan complete robot noob. Building Maki So need to learn more about ROS and Arbotix and general feedback sensors. 3D Printer, okay with mechanics, rubbish at most other stuff I need...
  • Jon I currently have a small collection of home built and bought robots, including a 3Pi, a scratch build two wheel balancing robot, an antique 6DoF hydraulic arm and a RoboNova biped. I built an autonomous robot for the [SparkFun AVC competition] in June 2013, and I'm helping with the Staubli Robot Arm.
  • Salman.

Past meetups

You can find an brief record of what we've done and/or discussed on our past meetup page. Sometimes we are slow at updating this but the group does meet up every Monday evening

Robotics Group Meeting
4 October 2021 at 19:30