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Do not treat the Hackspace as your home.

This is not an exhaustive list but gives a good overview of the sort of thing that is actively discouraged at LHS.


Sleeping is not permitted anywhere on LHS premises.

This includes sleeping in vehicles in the yard.

Anyone observed asleep should expect to be woken and may be asked (by any other member) to leave the Hackspace immediately. Members are encouraged to report sleeping to the trustees, If no complaint is made the trustees cannot be expected to deal with the issue.

A second occurrence will attract an instant ban of two weeks. This is in lieu of the usual second formal warning given by the trustees for other rule breaking.

A third occurrence at any time thereafter will (at the discretion of the Trustees) attract a longer ban.


Parking any vehicle on our premises is only permitted while the driver is present. This is not intended to prevent the driver going out to local shops or cafes for a short while but leaving your vehicle unattended for more than an hour is not permitted.

If you need to park your vehicle while attending to business elsewhere, there are many public car parks. Better still, leave your vehicle at home and use public transport.

If work on a vehicle requires that it be there when the driver is not, a suitable storage request should be sought.

Food Storage and preparation

The fridge in the kitchen is intended for short term storage of milk etc. Food should not be left there when the owner is not present. Food should be labelled with your name and the date of arrival. Anything not labelled is liable to be disposed of without further enquiry. The kitchen should be left in a clean and tidy condition. If

Battery Charging

The Hackspace is not a free charging station.for electric vehicles, boat batteries and vehicles with faulty alternators. If you are working on a project that involves the need to charge batteries that is acceptable. If you have brought your batteries just because it is a convenient place to charge them then it is not.

In the event that you really have nowhere else to charge large batteries it would be courteous if a donation is made to cover the cost of electricity used.

Batteries of any type should on no account be left charging while the owner is not present.

Mail/deliveries etc.

While deliveries of materials etc. for projects is permitted, use of the Hackspace as your home or business address is not.

Acceptable use of the Hackspace's address

Getting material/items used for hacking delivered to the hackspace

When arranging delivery of any large or awkward item, ensure that someone (preferably you) is available to receive it.

All mail deliveries are at the sole risk of the recipient and the Hackspace accepts no responsibility for missing mail.

Unacceptable use of the Hackspace's address

Creating trade/service/personal accounts with other companies (Utilities, mobile phones etc.)

Creating bank accounts or registering financial services (and HMRC, etc.)

Using it as a point of contact for businesses other than London Hackspace

Using it to receive business correspondence

Registering it as a company address with Companies House

Getting personal mail delivered to the hackspace

If in doubt, refer to the 'acceptable' list.

Company registrations

Company registrations may not be made here without written permission of the Trustees. This will be given only in exceptional circumstances.

For instance, subgroups with a necessity that operate within the Hackspace such as the Biohackers.

No exceptions will be made for personal businesses operated by Hackspace members or non-members.


Use of any part of the Hackspace for washing or drying laundry is not permitted.

Any public launderette will have facilities for you to use.

Leaving a mess

Clearing up the mess that has been made while working on a project is an expectation that is not difficult to meet. The absolute minimum required is that the floor be swept, the bench left completely clear and the tools be returned to their storage place.

If you do not have time to clear up after yourself then you should not be doing your work here at all.

If the bins are full, empty them.