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You want to add a bit to the hackspace infrastructure. We've built up a rough system of how things are done. So here are a few guidelines on how to do this so that other people can work on your code and everything is somewhat organised.


Python seems to be the lingua franca, but lots of us know a little bit of lots of languages. You are just likely to get more contributions to your code if it is python.


We have a github group for shared code. It would be nice to have everything in one place if we can. Get access to this by asking on IRC or submitting a pull requests. If we're not familiar with your git skills, we may ask you to make a pull request first, just in case.

Internal Server

We currently have Chomsky as an internal general purpose VM. If you require complete control and full root access for web daemons, etc. you are encouraged to spin up another VM on Landin and document it as such. Ideally you should be able to co-exist on the chomsky and not install yet another web server (i.e. use an Apache VirtualHost instead of installing a completely separate daemon)

Externally facing apps need a bit more thought in terms of security, so use your common sense. Even if you know what you are doing hackers afterwards may not.

You can get an account on Chomsky by using your LDAP credentials and get assistance in software installation from several people with sudo access on IRC or via the london-hack-space-infrastructure mailing list.